Before ringing in 2009, the Times Square ball doubled in size and was made to shine three times brighter. Hudson Scenic Studio was responsible for the new ball's mechanical design, systems integration and construction.
Hudson Scenic Studio is a premier provider of custom scenic fabrication, automation, and painted drops servicing the live entertainment industry. The company is behind the precision automation systems that lower the New Year's Eve ball in Times Square and the expertly crafted sets that mesmerize audiences on Broadway and on tour around the world.

Our work includes theatrical productions, corporate and industrial events, international cruise lines, and major theme parks. Drawing from this vast experience, we have built an invaluable database of knowledge and skills that help separate us from the rest of the industry. Working closely with clients, we provide creative economical solutions not only for how designs are executed, transported, and loaded into their final destination, but also for how they will function, comply with fire and safety requirements, and be maintained over time.

In 1980, Hudson Scenic Studio began as a small shop with just five employees in upstate New York. Today, our growing company includes project and production managers, administrative staff, licensed engineers, metal workers, electricians, carpenters, programmers, and scenic artists who make their home in a 120,000 square foot facility in Yonkers, NY. Our expansive space allows us to build and set-up large structures and intricate installations otherwise inaccessible to the designers who conceived them and the patrons who commissioned them.

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